New life, in New York.

A thousand miles from the place that I had called home for the past three years isn’t just a memory in the past, it’s now a reminder that I had the best times of my life with the one I love. Not much has changed since I had left Boca. The only change encountered is that I had to move to New York to obtain my masters degree at New York University. My new journey begins very shortly, as I am very excited as well as nervous. I have learned to be dependent to live in Boca living with him, but city living is completely different especially when you are alone. The last time I was in the city, was for a field trip when I was obtaining my associates degree about 4 years ago. Despite my lack of knowledge in sense of direction, I am determined to learn my way around the city and take up everything New York and NYU have to offer. I am excited for it all to begin. This journey begins in a few short days and I can not wait.

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