MS IMC: Why am I here?

Before I was an undergrad, I had always wanted to go to NYU. When I finished high school in 2013, I had applied to NYU for my bachelor’s degree and I was kindly declined. From there I had to make my move and go elsewhere. After finding my passion for the long road from transferring to school to school, I had come across Lynn University. I had completed my undergraduate degree at Lynn University in Event Management with a minor in Marketing. At Lynn, I was able to improve my ability and my willingness to study and my GPA had reflected my hard work and dedication. Graduation was creeping up and I wanted to apply for a Masters program that I wanted to exceed at and NYU came to mind. Getting accepted to the School of Professional Studies in Integrated Marketing was a guilty pleasure to know that I had improved academically and I knew this was the school I wanted. Being accepted to the SPS program is a school that allowed me to choose my own option for my concentration. I want to pursue data analytics to hopefully be able to work alongside neuromarketing in the future. Coming from small schools, I picked NYU solely on the major but after being here for a few days, I know I made the right decision because NYU is making me come out of my comfort zone. Not only was this class mandatory for me to take, but I was excited to take this class to understand how Campaign 1 and 2 and my Integrated Marketing course all connect and go hand in hand. I want to see how each of these classes will help me in the long run when finding a job in the marketing industry.

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