Little did I know..

December 2019, I had completed my bachelors of science in Event Management and throughout that last semester I was applying to graduate schools. Yes! I accepted to NYU, a school I had always wanted to attend since the beginning of my college experience. There I was the middle of January starting my first semester of graduate school. I had moved into the dorm Palladium, I had lucked out with a single and a kitchenette. It was all moving smoothly, I had almost burnt down my dorm room cooking salmon on a gas stove compared to what I am used to; electric stove, I had visited my Uncle who had lived down the street from me, and I had no one to talk to the first couple days there. My first friend was an RA at the front desk, I ran into her about once or twice a day for about 4 days straight just picking up mail. Ya know, I had to order my books from Amazon, much cheaper than the bookstore. Besides knowing the RA, I was alone. I was there a few days early to ease my move in and saying goodbye to my parents who drove me into the city; not to mention across a few states. That weekend I took myself for a walk around the city to familiarize myself with the city and locations. I tried to figure out the subway too alone. Little did I know, finding the entrances is harder than it seems and riding the subway without understanding which way it was going made it a bit difficult. I did learn that I should wear sunglasses on the subway, so when I cry for the 5th million time for not understanding the subway routes, no one has to awkwardly watch my cry. I had just decided to stay inside until I needed to use the subway again. I had just set up my room and enjoyed the city food that weekend.

When Monday had rolled around, I woke up late. Just late in the day, not late for my course. If I woke up at 6PM that would be concerning. My graduate courses this semester were Monday through Thursday 6PM to 9PM in all different parts of the city. Yes, that means I brought sunglasses with me on my subway trips, just in case. And to be honest, I didn’t mess up my routes to my classes at all, only the times when I wanted to meet some friends later on in the semester. As the first week passed through, I felt more comfortable with the city, with my classmates, and the workload. It became a routine, I was doing average college student studies in the library for hours on hours, then heading to class and grabbing food at a new place every night after class. It didn’t take long to make friends in classes and friends even outside of classes. I had joined the rowing club. I have never rowed before and showed up to an interest meeting that was at 8 or 9 AM and I remember how exhausted I was at the meeting. I was kinda used to going alone to places now. I did meet these two girls there at the meeting, freshman. They were interested as well in joining, we spoke briefly and didn’t even get to say goodbye at the end of the meeting, but that’s how New York is, or at least what I have heard, that you’ll meet people and never see them again. So I thought. I thought wrong. The first practice was at 5AM in the morning, and there I was complaining about a 8AM meeting, ha. Somehow I managed to stay awake the entire night, paranoid I wouldn’t wake up for the practice. Oh boy, it was a long practice without sleep. I was taught how to properly row by a coach and I ran into one of the girls from the meeting. We become the two newbies of the group, but that was okay, cause we were in it together. Throughout the course of the semester, her and I walked from Union Square to 23rd street to the Row House almost every morning at 4:30AM. Little did I know, the busses don’t run that early, besides the fact that I wasn’t going to learn the bus routes quite yet, and that it took about a half hour to walk to Row House. But we did it, in middle of the winter, in leggings and our jackets so bundled up, our vision may have been blocked once or twice; we lost count of the times we almost got hit by a car. But don’t worry, we always made it in one piece, it was always a good warm up before practices. After practices, the team got together for team breakfast. It was mostly just bonding time. I honestly can say that I made some great friendships from my crew. It is always nice to have a friend group outside of classes.

I was so excited when my boyfriend came to visit me, well he came for a different reason, but I was a good plus. We had gone skating in Bryant Park in the middle of February and got lost in Times Square, but who honestly doesn’t. I had also gone to a farmers market somewhere up north from Union Square with a girl I had met at orientation. She’s super sweet and nice. Her and her roommate met me at a farmers market and it was a blast to see how the community comes together every weekend. I am just assuming things went well with the girls, if they invited me to a super bowl party the following weekend. The Super Bowl party was all girls and honestly it was a blast. None of us followed football, maybe just one did. We were either all full time students or full time employees; majority in the marketing industry, like myself and we were more excited for the commercials than the actual game. As most people probably are. When the Google commercial came on, my boyfriend had called me and asked if I was crying, because he knew this commercial would make my tears shed down my face. He was calling out of love, and he was right, I was crying.

I had also started crying when NYU decided to go virtual right before spring break due to an outbreak in the city. Little did I know, it wasn’t just the city, it was the whole world and almost every school was going virtual. Sadly, this happened during my spring break when NYU had kicked all their students out of their dorms. That meant, I had to pack up my belongings and lug them all back home. First I had to call my parents and ask them to drive back up here and get me, cause I didn’t have my car in the city. Little did I know, the second I left Palladium hall that had ended my first semester living on campus. I continued my studies online from home in Florida. Focusing at home, with your parents constantly asking if I need anything, while I am doing work, well it was super thoughtful and kind and I appreciated everything they did for me, but I prefer to do courses in person and not at home. Living with my parents again, didn’t feel right when completing the semester online, kinda felt I was back in high school, except I can’t go outside or go to Starbucks. Personally I didn’t like zoom university, only because my courses were courses that shouldn’t be taught online. I do promise I have been keeping up with all my deadlines for assignments and keeping up with the readings, but I wasn’t going to discuss every assignment I had this semester, at least not yet.

Well as the semester officially ends tomorrow for me, I do wish we didn’t have to leave due to the Coronavirus. I know all students feel the same way, they don’t want to be home, we want to be with our friends, and we want to leave the house.

Little did I know, I wouldn’t be able to say good bye to my friends I had made. Little did I know it was the last time I was going to see my Uncle. Little did I know it was going to be the last time I will probably live in the dorms. On the bright side, I finish my first semester of graduate school tomorrow. I am so proud of myself for accomplishing so much in the amount of time that I had in New York and my time at NYU so far. I have three more semesters til the big graduation day. I’ll be counting the days I can move back to the city, til the day I can see my friends again, til the day I can row again, and til the day I sit back in that classroom for my in person courses. Little did I know, I would be so busy I wouldn’t have time to blog, but here I am on my last day of my semester. I am beyond happy with my grades and my gpa for this semester and I can’t wait for the fall semester. But don’t worry, you’ll hear from me way before fall semester.

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