Is it worth buying?

Are you wondering if the new Animal Crossing game on Nintendo Switch is worth for $60? Simple answer, yes. Are you wondering if it is worth it to buy a switch console and the game just to be a part of the Animal Crossing trend? Again, yes. You are probably already convinced if you have thoughts of the game. Is the expense of buying either the game or the console going to hurt your wallet, especially if you are unemployed from this pandemic? Yes. It will take about a $300 chunk out of your wallet for the console and the game or if you’re lucky just the cost of the game. Do you think its worth it? That’s the question everyone thinks about. Personally I wasn’t one to get the game right away, but after my friends talking about it so much, I caved.

So the sixty dollar question is, is the game worth the hype? Yes. Have you ever wanted to create something that was entirely your doing in a video game? In Animal Crossing New Horizons game you are the only human that decided to move to an island with other animal people. You set up camp with them and soon enough you are creating the layout and design of your own island with your animal neighbors. You can design your own clothing, you can go shopping for furniture and for your island, and best of all, you don’t have to wait for each day to come and go.

Now you must understand, there are two types of people who play this game. The people who play day by day and there are people like myself who time-travel. Time traveling simply means changing the date on your game console to continue to shop, collect resources, and shop some more instead of waiting day by day. Whichever way you decide to play is up to you.

Have you been finding yourself bored during this pandemic, wondering what you could be doing or you find yourself watching the news over and over? hint hint, Animal Crossing may be your calling. It may hurt your wallet, but you won’t be terribly bored. Personally I had found the $60 game to be investment in my life. Even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, a lot of us are still on lock down, there are limited things to do outside, some stores are opening up, the country is slowly opening up again, but a lot of us are still afraid to go outside and cause covid-19 to come back stronger than ever. So if you are one of those people who believe in staying inside will help everyone eventually overcome this pandemic, you should invest in the game.

The game allows you to social distance with your friends online through Nintendo online game play. You can visit each other islands, send them gifts, and collect resources on their islands as you can also have visitors to yours too. If you do not have Nintendo online game pass, you still have the option to go to different islands to collect resources that may or may not be on your own island. You can go as many times as you want too, you aren’t limited to your travels to other islands.

If you are still wondering if the game is investment? Yes. My answer is still yes. Are you thinking that this game will only be played during the time of the pandemic and you won’t pick it up again once this passes? I wonder that too, but I guess we will all find out together months from now if we are still terraforming our islands for the 10th time.

Simple answer to all the questions. Yes go buy yourself the Animal Crossing New Horizon game for Nintendo Switch. And if you don’t have a console, well get yourself one of those too! I think you’ll get attached very quickly like I have.

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