Looking for a fun way to express yourself during the pandemic?

If the title intrigued you, continue reading. If you are like anyone else during this pandemic and are bored like majority of the world during lockdown and don’t know what to do.. well you might of thought about dying your hair a fun color, or maybe you put on your make-up to go get the mail, or you pretend to be a master chef and cook everything you have in your kitchen with your pets as your spectators. All these ideas sound great and a lot of fun. But they will only last temporary. These temporary ideas could last for months on end during this lockdown but what do you do when this pandemic is over? Have you thought about how you would express yourself when we all have to go back to work, back to reality? How would you express yourself when you have to go back to work and can’t have a crazy hair color or don’t have time to put on a cooking demonstration for your pets? Good thing I have a solution for you.


Cheyenne’s Custom Creations is an online shop. She sells sticker decals for anyway you want to express yourself, whether that decal be added to your vehicle, your laptop, phone, water bottle, notebooks, you name it, and Cheyenne can make the decal for you. Her decals are a way for you to always be able to express yourself without making a permanent change in your life and the best part her creations won’t hurt your wallet like some other options you come up with.

So you may be wondering who Cheyenne is and my connection to her? I will tell you, even if you weren’t wondering. I think it is still important to understand who she is and why you should support her Etsy shop. Anyways, long story short, Cheyenne is my best friend. She is a loving and caring person that also knows how to be innovated and creative. Although she doesn’t have an “about me” section on her webpage, she has accomplished a lot as a product creator and designer. She has been successful making and selling different craft ideas to friends, family, co-workers, and friends of friends over the years. Her crafting hobby has helped make an extra income during the holidays and aside from her full time job. Cheyenne has decided to continue her side hustle and share her creations with you. You should check out her shop on Etsy and if you have any requests, message her and I am sure she will be able to assist you!

Her creation decals are an easy inexpensive way to express your favorite game, tv show, movie, or simply your name. It is also a fun creative way to make it part of a gift for someone close to you. Keep an eye out on her shop and see what she creates next. You won’t be disappointed. I promise you that.

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