Back in the City

Hello Manhattan. I am back. I moved back into the city about a week ago & I am loving it. Officially a New Yorker? I wouldn’t say so quite yet. At least not until I properly learn how to not get on the wrong subway in the wrong direction. I would probably have to learn the bus routes as well. When I thought the subways only went north to south, they actually do east to west too, and once I figured that out..oh boy my thought of understanding the subway system went out of the window. 

So far, my first week resolved around setting up my studio and just getting comfortable in the city. It is surprisingly peaceful to live in the city that never sleeps. The whole pandemic had made the city a ghost town, but the city has entered stage three of reopening and even though it has reopened, you mostly only see the locals. There is never a time where one can see the city without tourists, except during a pandemic. As the city reopens, you can see that people are more willingly to get out of their homes and start commuting again. People are more incline to walk places now, then take the subway, due to the coronavirus taking a huge hit on the city. As a curious newbie in the city, I wanted to see how deserted the subway actually was. And let me tell you, I took the subway at rush hour time on a Tuesday evening and I found myself in an empty Grand Central station. Taking the subway from 42nd to 35th, took less than 20 minutes to commute, but it was more sketchy to travel with no one on the subway with you compared to when it is jammed pack having the fear if you can squeeze in the train. 

As I start week two of living in the city. I am trying to get more comfortable with commuting and exploring the city. As I continue to understand how it is the be a New Yorker without looking like a tourist by stopping and taking photos every time I see a new view, I will probably continue to get lost with my directions. I want to be a city girl. Eventually it will happen, time will tell.

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