Fail Fast. Fail Often.

I wouldn’t quite say I like failing, but I may be good at it. I have had my fair share of failures. Now you may be wondering what I fail? You may be thinking I fail presentations or fail to start a routine; well, you’re right. I do have failures; everyone does. Failing is the flight of flying; you can learn from your mistakes quickly and come back with a better approach next time. Baby birds only have one option once they are born; to fly (unless they are penguins). They will try and fail, try and fail until they learn to fly when they are older. There is nothing wrong with failing; it’s all about trial and error. Failing essentially means you have tried; you were unable to meet the requirements or were unsuccessful. But failing doesn’t mean you lost; it merely means you understand what your strength is.

What are your strengths? Your resume should explain all of your strengths, but my favorite strength I’ll mention is failing. Couldn’t you guess that’s what I was going to say? You may be wondering why failing a strength when people see it as a weakness? I’ll tell you.

People who fail fast, and those who often fail usually win. Win at what? Win the career job you always wanted or win the life you ever dreamed of; it is all possible to achieve; you must first fail and often fail to achieve it. All you have to do is try. Try your best, use your skills, use your knowledge, use whatever advantage you may think you have to win. Until you reach that point in life where you feel that you have won, you will probably fail a thousand times prior. And again, that is okay. People fail.

People grow from their failures. For example, it took me longer than an average of four years to complete a bachelors’ degree. I never had a full-time job, and I’m 25. I even started my own web page/blog called JanJansJourney that I rarely update, thinking it could be an advantage in the marketing industry; I failed. I had a few setbacks completing my undergraduate degree, but I kept trying; I tried over and over again until I graduated. I had a few setbacks with career changes because I never had a full-time job, but I kept trying, and I still am trying. I had a few setbacks in keeping up with my web page, but I am still trying, and hopefully, starting this new routine with weekly blog posts, I will eventually succeed.

You see, failing is a good thing. Although failing at the moment may not feel great. But failing after time has passed should give you time to realize what you were doing wrong and come back even stronger next time to succeed. Failing is a strength; it helps you achieve what you want most if you keep trying. Failure helps you learn. Failure makes you stronger. Failing is only a weakness if you believe to see it that way; your fear may be holding you back, so don’t let it. Embrace your failures; fail fast, and fail often. It will make you better.

Embrace your failures; fail fast, and fail often. I know I will be making a few failures over the next couple of months. My goal is to blog weekly about the marketing industry. You see, the marketing industry is something I am passionate about and the place where I can see myself accepting that full-time job soon. My blogging journey will reopen my wounds of feeling bad about not keeping my web page alive, but as I post my blogs on Medium, I will also be uploading them to my blog feed on my web page. 

Blogging weekly shall help me get back into a routine of staying connected to the marketing world. I am on this new journey of failure; I hope you stick around and join me. Let’s fail and learn together.

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