The new normal shouldn’t be feared; it should be embraced.

Great leaders not only embrace the new normal; they look to recreate the next version of it. Not only did this company pledge to donate $250 millionin funds to support COVID-19 relief efforts, but they are also the latest big tech company establishing a community for all to enjoy. TikTok is a mobile app that allows users to create short stories to share with the world. Tiktok has transformed our communities’ brand marketing modern day-storytelling, especially during our crisis like the coronavirus.

As there are concerns in the United States with this new app as it collects data about 800 million active users. TikTok’s users’ information is shared with China’s government:

  • our location data
  • our phone model
  • our phone operating system
  • what type of videos we are watching

Tiktok goes through this challenging argument of the possibility of being shut down by the U.S. Government due to the concerns of our data being shared through social media networks, as this does happen with a dozen other apps we use as well. Tiktok is fighting to stay around because of the community it has built within all generations (mostly gen z).

Did Tiktok tell a story that pulled you in? There isn’t just one story. It is more of a community of users that want to participate in challenges. When I first heard of Tiktok, I download it, but I didn’t know what to do with it. I wanted to learn more about it as it was the number one app in the app store for most of our lockdown because of Covid-19. It was gaining popularity. I wanted to know more about it. This video explains what Tiktok is. It had caught my interest in the short videos, which opens you up to giant databases of audio, filters matched up with simple editing tools makes uploading entertaining content far easier than apps like Instagram or Snapchat that require a lot more preparation.

Months later, I enjoy using Tiktok for product reviews. I like to watch various users’ content, and I am referred to as other platforms and websites. Did it appear authentic or merely an effort to say something? Yes. This platform enables anyone to be a creator or an influencer to product other business’s products/services, making it look like an everyday feed instead of an advertisement. Tiktok assertively answers anyone’s “what should I watch” question with a flood on content. It can be repetitive to watch, but new trends frequently start, which is engaging. The content users aren’t forcing you to buy the product or service they are using either, but many people are drawn into it based on the content they see.

Tiktok isn’t just a platform to create and influence one another through short videos; it created a community of people who want to share their stories and messages. Tiktok is still developing but developing fast. A few diverse companies are Pretty Little Thing, Converse, Balenciaga, and Mercedes-Benz. They are posting on the platform in various ways, and these companies are receiving earned media through social sharing every day (just a shortlist of a few companies, there are a lot more). Tiktok is a platform tool allowing other businesses to use and resource to build brand awareness and affinity.

Tiktoks platform values the users and brands. And this alone has made Tiktok a brand to follow and want to be used by anyone. Tiktok has shareable content because sometimes it can be hilarious and creative for users to share. It is fundamentally a different app than anything we have used before. It may look and feel the same as the other apps we use (by having followers, messenger, and sharing). Still, Tiktok is seen to be from the future, and their algorithm starts making assumptions the second you open the app before you’ve given it anything to work with.

Tiktok users can have access to a broad audience, and it is still accessible to find the smaller account just by searching around different content. It is easier to find smaller channels on Tiktok than Instagram or Youtube because those channels aren’t recommended. This change will be the way we create and consume content.

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