The Subtle Touch

After taking the Fascinate Test, I found out I easily connect with people with a friendly approach. After a few short questions, this test shows me how the world sees me. My Archetype indicates how the world sees me. My primary advantage is Mystique while my second advantage is passion. Being mindful but tactical would describe who I am before taking this self-assessment test and now after taking the test, I believe it is 100% correct.

Primary Advantage
Secondary Advantage

I personally love taking self-assessment tests to determine who I am or the type of person I am and so I was very intrigued to take this one. I would consider myself to be a careful decider that usually thinks before acting. I would say I am quite observant and I try to be independent. 

I absolutely love how my primary advantage mystique matches with J.K. Rowling. She is one of my favorite authors and she created the books and films that I grew up with: the Harry Potter collection. And I agree that the test says I am an ‘open book’. I have a transparent style that makes me unique but also engaging to talk to. 

I believe this test felt true to who I am. I just recently started looking at my horoscope daily with Co-Star to try to see how accurate they can be and frankly they have been almost perfectly accurate. It was able to show me once again this is the type of person I am and it honestly helps describe myself. I have recently also taken a personality test and I had discovered I have a campaigner personality (ENFP-A/ENFP-T). This test compares very accurately to the Fascinate Test, because most of the characteristics are the same. They both state I am very observant and excellent communicators. 

I think the idea of Fascination as a marketer is a good tool to use to understand how to market yourself to companies and other people. This is a very useful tool to be able to know your strengths and weaknesses and how to avoid being stuck in your dormant advantage. Being able to brand yourself is very important and a very tactical strategy to be noticed by others. 

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