A day without wine is like…

Just kidding; I have no idea. It’s like blowing on the Babe wine in your coffee mug to convince the rest of the zoom meeting that it is tea. 

“Where ever you go, bring Babe with you.”

Want 10% off your next order for next week’s courses? Sign for their newsletter. It’s the first pop-up after entering your legal age to join their homepage. Babe’s homepage aesthetics are very appealing. Their color scheme is elegant but simplistic with a navy blue, light rose, and white. Babe has the navy blue bold color, which adds to the innovative trends. The bold blue helps the soft neutral colors stand out, making their webpage colorful minimalistic. 

The purpose of the webpage is to purchase their product; to bring Babe with you no matter what the situation. Whether it’s a day drinking day, family time, getting through harsh winters, they promote Babe to be by your side through it all. Babe wants you to be happy without a hangover. 

Although they have a strong brand awareness strategy and they are user-centered, they state that Babe will be going through everything in your life; their user interface isn’t as compatible on the desktop as it is on the mobile device.

The GIF of the hand pouring the wine into a glass on the home page had caused an error message, “This webpage is using significant energy. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your Mac.” So although UI is enjoyable to watch, their page responsiveness is slow.  

Overall, their homepage UX and UI are super user friendly and easy to maneuver around on both their desktop and mobile devices. They do not have an AI to ease conversions or for customer services. I would say it is a pleasure to use their webpage with a responsive design. They do throw in some memes from films to keep their audience engaged; like their newsletter sign-up:

Their personality does relate to their brand. They are open, friendly, and they bring some humor to sum it all up. The content is relatable, but I wouldn’t say it is educational. Babe is supposed to be a healthy version of wine in a can, but their homepage doesn’t state anywhere. Babe is a considerable competitor to White Claw, the 100 calories hard seltzer beverage, also known as the healthier beverage. 

Their messaging on their wine can creates emotional reactions to their consumers, making them feel liked and wanted. 

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