Whose Ready for Spooky Season?

Who else has thought about buying the $300, 12-foot-tall skeleton from Home Depot for their Halloween yard decoration? I certainly would if I didn’t live in a 200 square foot apartment in New York City. Sometime around October 7th, multiple companies have bought this 12-foot-skeleton and jumped on their own social media trend throughout various social media channels incorporating the skeleton with their brands. 

With the hashtag, #12footskeleton Natural Light and Budweiser appear as top trending social media buzz on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

This social media trend has been raging through Facebook and Twitter for the past two weeks. Budweiser and Natural Light are brands we are all familiar with. To add to the fun of this social media meme Doritos is now attempting to engage with their followers through a task to be rewarded free Doritos for the year.

Source: Twitter

Sour Patch Kids and Oreos are jumping in on the consumer engagement by adding their own twist to the 12-foot-skeleton meme circling social media channels.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Not only are universal brand name companies that everyone knows about is getting traction from this skeleton, but Ohio State University is too. There has been a petition on change.org; to display the 12-foot-skeleton on a dorm hall building at Ohio State for the month of October.

Source: Change.org

Are you interested now in buying that 12-foot-skeleton to make your own spooky meme? Well, too bad that Home Depot 12-foot-skeleton supplies is sold out. This social media trend stood out to me, because I am a Halloween fanatic. I love Halloween, because it’s my birthday and I would be one of those people to spontaneously buy the 12-foot-skeleton. I love the the idea of a community of brands coming together to essentially challenge one another to see whose creativity was better. This social media meme has attracted consumers and businesses to react to this skeleton and the engagement has been around so far for the month of October.

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