/ma-ha/ adjective which means greatness

Maha is the seltzer for those who strive for more in everything they do. For those people who have the ability to do better, those that live to their potential, and those who want to be more. 

As a responsible adult locked in their home during the global pandemic what else was there to do besides work, eat and sleep? Drink of course. Drizly.com delivered Maha beverages to your doorstep during the pandemic. Twenty-five weeks ago bring us back to May, 2020. In May of 2020, Maha posted on Instagram their collaboration with Drizly to announce how consumers can still have some enjoyment during their pandemic lockdown. Drizly is a website like Instacart where the drinks come to you in under 60 minutes. 

How are they reacting to Covid?

Most companies are trying to relieve their customers through this hardship tines; and Maha is doing just that. Their Instagram page is a mixture of the hard seltzer can with a few at home-work-out posts. They are encouraging to stay active during the pandemic.

Source: Instagram

“You don’t “stay active” so you can have a drink. You have a drink to celebrate being active. Perspective is key”. They are being as authentic as they can. They are a smaller company, that must had just started this year. Their follower base is a low count under 2,000 followers, but they do produce content that is engaging, and they are offering a way for you to try their beverage without leaving your home. 

Since their release date was just February 2020, they are only found on Instagram and their home webpage. Their content reach is consistent, and their content has the “stay active” vibe of someone constantly out and about doing something. They are attempting to make drinking an essential item when you are out being active.

If I had a say..

I would say, they are treating their hard seltzer as an energy drink. To me you shouldn’t go biking with hard seltzer as it could be harmful for you or others around you. I understand their attempt to make it seem that their beverage is a good beverage to be brought on the adventures (like a picnic with friends on the beach or after a hike) but some of their content photos are misleading. 

How do you think the pandemic will have a long-term effect on how brands communicate with their customers? The pandemic is a global issue everyone is facing to this day where we cannot go outside without a facemask and staying at a reasonable 6 feet apart. Maha I feel won’t have much of an impact as it is a beverage that can be drunk at home as a reward for being active, but their idea of sharing Maha was making sure you were bringing Maha with you on your adventure. 

Source: Instagram

I would definitely say that Maha is awaiting for you to take your journey to greatness during and after the pandemic. 

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