4 Steps to a Great Employee Value Proposition

Why is having a strong EVP important? 
Your employees are the core of how your business runs. Having a clear employee value proposition or EVP can help your brand reflect who you are as an organization. There are four steps to having great employee value proposition. 
Step 1: Dissect your data 
Start by reviewing all the data your company current has available. This might include employee engagement, onboarding or exit surveys and recruitment and retention metrics. The real insights come from the verbatim comments of employees that provide context to the numbers.
Step 2: Discover and dive deeper
This is the most important step in developing your EVP. This step should include your stakeholders including senior management, HR, marketing and existing and targeting employees. EVP is an employee centric approach that is aligned to existing HR strategies because it has been informed by existing employees.
Step 3: Develop your EVP
Time to develop your EVP. From your research and insights from steps one and two, you can now craft your value proposition. You should clarify the areas of focus to support your EVP, such as Career Development, Work-Life balance or CSR. You should try to test your EVP strategy against your HR strategy. If you EVP does not support your HR strategy, then you should revise it. 
Step 4: Deliver your message
Implement you EVO across the employee experience from your recruitment processes, through onboarding, career development and even the exit stage. Ensure that the message and intent of EVP is delivered at each of these stages in materials such as recruitment adverts, performance development materials and remuneration discussions. Be able to build in methods to measure the EVP by incorporating it into your employee surveys and people metrics. This will determine the value of the EVP, return on investment and financial benefits to the organization. 
Remember that EVP is a key element to focus on when it comes to engagement and retention. These four steps do involve an investment in time and engagement; however, a well-formed EVP will provide benefits for your company.

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