3 Caused-Related Marketing Books of the Week

What is cause-related marketing? It is a collaboration between a corporation and a non-profit designed to promote the former’s sales and the latter’s cause. Consumers expect brands to be socially responsible: 70% of consumers want to know how brands are addressing social and environmental issues; and 46% of consumers pay close attention to a brand’s action. Cause marketing can refer to social or charitable causes put on by for-profit brands. Typically, a brand will want to associate with a nonprofit to increase their corporate social responsibility. In exchange for their ethical contributions, nonprofits can create more awareness for their organization. These three books give some insight of how to incorporate strategies and develop plans for your organization.

 The Art of Cause Marketing: How to Use Advertising to Change Personal Behavior and Public Policy – by Richard Earle

Summary: This book examines how to effectively strategize and develop a public-service advertising campaign that seeks to change strongly ingrained behavior or firmly held beliefs. This book is a must have for anyone interested in marketing and marketing for a cause. The advertising information is priceless. You will understand the insights into how the whole advertising world works. 

Global Cause Marketing: Future-Proof Your Brand by Peter Hirsh 

Summary: In this book you will understand the 21st century of the new marketing world. The principles cause capitalism teaches you how to help you get the most out of life. This book encourages and excites you to the point of action. This book is like a road map to creating a life of significance, it creates a paradigm shifting experience on the impact that social entrepreneurship can have on your business and life. The rules of business have changed and if you don’t change with them, your business and livelihood may very well become obsolete in the very near future.

Good Works!: Marketing and Corporate Initiatives that Build a Better World…and the Bottom Line by Nancy Lee

Summary: Businesses can do well by doing good. This book incorporates social initiatives and requires a delicate act between generating financial and social dividends. Good Work is a book for business builders, not a Corporate Social Responsibility treatise. It is for capitalists with the hearts and smarts to generate positive social impacts and bottom-line business results. 

Cause marketing is important to build a company’s reputation and strengthen their brand while driving positive outcomes for society. Cause marketing makes brands a high;y-valued member of the community it serves. A new generation brings in new values, businesses must learn to pivot their strategies in order to keep up. 

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