Google is in the Crosshairs of Federal Regulators

Everyone knows Google and what Google does. However, are you aware of the anti-trust lawsuit against Google? They are being sued for unfair business practices and controlling who and what shows up at the top of your search engine results page. According to ‘Media Posts’ blog they stated that Google has been monopolizing the digital advertising markets to benefits themselves. Google wants to have the dominant position in search advertising and that’s exactly what the company did. They leveraged themselves into a market that allowed them to beat their competitors in the same market space. This lawsuit is the biggest anti-trust action since the US Government went into ware with Microsoft in the late 1990’s.

With the lawsuit against Google, the Justice Department might be looking closely at Amazon, Facebook, and Apple now to consider what their actions to get as the top leading companies on the social media presence. The ‘Business Inside’ blog talks how Googles implications might affect the other leading companies. In my opinion I believe Google could lose a lot, but not as much as the other leading companies. There could be the possibility of losing their third-party sellers for Amazon or control over their own App Store for Apple. Facebooks could lose their WhatsApp and Instagram connection. At the expense of Google, if they go down for this lawsuit, so will the other companies. I believe if Google wins the lawsuit, Google will be off the hook of these alleges and false claims, but Apple for example might get their own lawsuit among the others too. I feel Apple might get a lawsuit for pre-downloading apps on the Apple devices which doesn’t give the other companies a fair chance if Apple tells the consumers what apps are needed and for everyone to use. Besides the pre-downloaded apps on the devices, there are alleges that Google has been paying off Apple billions of dollars a year to be the dominant search engine on all of Apple’s devices. So I believe if Google wins, they will remain the leading search engine tool, but I can’t 100 percent say the other companies woulndn’t face some lawsuits of their own.

A spokesperson for Google stated, “People use Google because they choose to, not because they’re forced to or because they can’t find alternatives.” Google had created mutually beneficials with a lot of companies throughout its time and as they continue to develop deeper, they are bound to attract more companies.

With the House Democrats concluding a yearlong investigation, of accusing the four biggest tech companies: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google for monopoly power; the judge is kicking off scheduling in Googles antitrust case. This case alleges Google from using specific tactics and deals to prevent anyone from attempting to dominating in search and search advertisements. As final results may not be given til mid-December the Google lawyer is eager to address several preliminary issues. As we all wait during the 16 months of investigations and have the investigations lead to the lawsuit, everyone especially Google is on edge about what will happen next. The next update will be at the conference scheduled for November 18th.

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