3 Digital Marketing Books of the Week

There are many reasons why digital marketing skills will keep rising in demand. Companies know how beneficial the internet and digital platforms are. Digital marketing lets them reach a wider audience, scale their business further, and generate more revenue. The main advantage of digital marketing is that a targeted audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measured way. Digital marketing will remain as the most powerful way of marketing in the future. The dynamics of digital marketing is changing everyday, a digital marketer has to be agile, alert, smart, and adapt to the latest changes. The main objectives of digital marketing is to improve your conversion rate, convert more readers, viewers, and followers into customers. The goal is to increase your sales and increase traffic from your social media channels. 

Digital Marketing Strategy by Simon Kingsnorth

Summary: The digital and social media are essential aspects of a marketing department’s function; therefore, it is important they are integrated into the organization’s wider goals. This book focuses on digital marketing techniques with business strategy and established marketing models such as the 7 P’s, Porter’s Five Forces, and Customer Lifetime Value.

How to Build a Robust Digital Marketing StrategyUnderstanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation by Damian Ryan

Summary: The understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing and enhance your digital marketing practices with this guide. This book helps your understand the digital marketing behaviors of the new digital consumers. This book covers key topics such as search marketing, social media, Google, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, performance marketing, customer engagement, and digital marketing strategies. 

The Future of Digital Marketing with Damian RyanBecoming a Digital Marketer: Gaining the Hard & Soft Skills for a Tech Driven Marketing Career by Gil Gildner 

Summary: This book covers that in todays tech-driven industry, you have to be able to have the skills to build websites, install analytics, run pay-per-click campaigns, join Twitter chats, understand SEO strategy, and experience the underrated power or email marketing. In this two part book, you will learn the hard skills crucial to a marketing career and the soft skills essential to business success. 

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing in 2020

These three books will help you use technical and tactical skills to improve your digital marketing opportunities. Digital marketing is the key to hold an in-demand profession. The broad scope of digital marketing as promoting and branding business through digital media is the fastest and reliable mode of marketing to target mass audiences. Overall, these books will give you different insights into how to form and manage digital marketing strategies. 

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