Virtual Reality has Changed Our Vision

With today’s technology, it is more advance then it has ever been before. Virtual reality is a major stepping stone in technology that allows consumers to view something as if they were at the location in person. You might think that seeing a product in your own home or how a hair color changes your appearance is also virtual reality, but it is not, it is AR. Some virtual reality technology is used with AR (augmented reality) to create immersive shopping experiences. It merges the digital and the physical worlds into one. This video gives you a grasp of how AR works to clear up any confusion between virtual reality and AR.

Virtual reality is a different world. VR technology uses computer technology to create simulated environments of which we become a part and can live that experience. Ivan Edward Sutherland is an American computer scientist that pioneered computer graphics and is widely regarded as the father of computer graphics. The Sword of Damocles is considered to be the first virtual reality head system to be created in 1968. VR was supposed to be used solely for gaming, but the technology took off, allowing companies to use the VR technology for their own businesses. Now in 2020, we are able to use virtual reality on our computers and mobile devices. VR gives us an experience of travel without traveling and gaining experiences. 

The company 3D Apartments uses 360 cameras to create the VR experience for their consumers to view apartments for sale or rent without traveling. This has intrigued me recently as I am seeking a new apartment in New York City. VR has been my favorite tool to use online, especially during the pandemic when in person gatherings have been limited. Imagine being in a room that you have never been in before. What do you do? You look around and make sense of your surroundings. Your mind builds a mental model of the space that you can memorize and recall it. Apartment virtual tours are shot from the inside where they are just photos of the place on a track allowing you to click through from room to room. This allows yourself to gather an understanding of the size of the rooms and you can mentally start picturing how you would lay out my apartment. The VR tool of the 3D Apartments has been beyond helpful when selecting a new place to live. Virtual tours help consumers to get a better idea of what the apartment has to offer. VR can increase the likelihood of quicker sales, due to increased interest from buyers. Let’s take a look inside this $7.4 million 4 bedroom 5 bath apartment in Upper East Side. 

If technological growth continues at its current rate it’s easy to imagine that one day we will be able to fully immerse ourselves in any virtual world we would like. VR helps achieve marketing objectives through erasing the typical scroll through photos where now you can immerse yourself in the location you are viewing. You can learn and be entertained at the same time. VR can take over a lot of segments in marketing. Work offices may become obsolete, working remotely is an ever growing trend in the 21st century globaly economy. Our lives will continue to be improved and transformed through virtual reality technology, even if we are just starting with virtal reality apartment tours. We can only just wait for more VR in the near future.

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