3 Relationship Marketing Books of the Week

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is important for its ability to stay close contact with customers. By understanding how customers use a brand’s products and services and observing additional unmet needs, brands can create new features and offerings to meet those needs, further strengthening the relationship. With customer relationship marketing campaigns, companies save time and money by focusing on customers that will not be as costly in terms of maintaining relationships with them; they also make better decisions about which customers have underdeveloped potential. Relationships are important in life. Relationship building from a business standpoint can help you get new customers, retain current customers and manage your reputation. 

The New Relationship Marketing: How to Build a Large, Loyal, Profitable Network Using the Social Web by: Mari Smith

Summary: One of the top social media thought leaders share her secrets to expanding your business through relationships. This book is for you if you want to improve your leadership skills and relationship skills through emotional and social intelligence. Learn outlines how to become a significant “center of influence” for your customers and prospects and explain the unspoken rules of online etiquette and the common turn offs that drive customers and potential partners away. 

Relationship Marketing: Exploring Relational Strategies in Marketing by John Egan

Summary: This book allows you to comprehensively examine relationships in marketing and how these influence modern marketing strategy and practices. Based principally on the concepts and theories surrounding relationship marketing, John Egan critically reviews and analyses what has been described as marketing’s new paradigm. 

Relationship Marketing: Successful Strategies For The Age Of The Customer by Regis Mckenna 

Summary: A simple process for building the crucial relationships that help a company dominate and own the market in the age of the customer experience. 

Relationship marketing is designed to build meaningful customer relationships. Its goal is not only to cultivate greater engagement but also to encourage shoppers to form emotional connections with your brand. When done right, the result is more consistent sales and a greater customer lifetime value. 

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