Feel Good about 2021

We all have been cooped up inside our apartments or homes for almost an entire year. Some locations compared to others may still be in a lock down, but some of the world is breaking out of their boredom and getting outside once again. I’m in the city, and believe it or not, there has been a huge difference from December to now April. Yes, the weather is warmer, so more people are inclined to go outside and explore the city that they once loved. The city never really changed. It still has its hustle and bustle; it just might not be the same hustle and bustle we all are used to.

People are not hustling to get to their workplaces every morning, people are hustling to the local Starbucks or Blue Bottle for their morning brew, before they close mid-afternoon. People are hustling to the gyms at 5AM in the morning, before their hustling starts at 9AM. The entire world had to change and change quickly. Maybe some are used to it, maybe some are still adjusting.

I am only at my quarter-life crisis and it happened during a worldwide pandemic lockdown. Still a student and got hired for my first full time job through multiple zoom interviews and hired over a phone call. I personally say, it wasn’t the way I was expecting to land my first job in my career, but the world is changing, and I must adapt and change with it.

I’ve always dreamt of the city life, with the hustle and bustle to and from work, living in a small apartment; spending only enough time there to sleep and eat after work.. Well I still am dreaming, because I work from home. It is very nice, but at the same time, I am constantly in my 200 square foot apartment for 8 hour days, plus another 3-4 hours for my zoom education. I spend about 12 hours minimum staring at one of the many devices I have to complete my assignments and projects. I am sitting for 12 hours of the day. My sleep schedule is off, my diet is off, my routine is off, but I am trying to be better day by day.

I started going to a gym locally once the city opened up again. It started off great. I would go four times a week, maybe five. Then I slowed down and went twice or once. I have a trainer so it’s drilled in the back of my head that I have to go, but I need that motivation daily. I can’t afford a trainer daily, but I can give myself motivation to go.

The best way to give myself motivation to go to the gym was the idea of getting new shoes. These shoes I got, reminded me of the time I played Volleyball majority of my life and influenced myself to get these. These Adidas Court Team Bounce Shoes hug your feet to keep you in control on the volleyball court. The flexible midsole offers lightweight energy for leaps and cushioning for coming back down to earth. The upper is made from mesh to keep you cool on stifling indoor courts. I’ve only worn them a handful of times and I am beyond pleased with how these are so supportive durning all my workouts.

These shoes might have been that small investment to encourage me to go back to the gym daily. So note to self, try to find something that gives your pleasure and happiness to go to the gym. I know people go to the gym to better themselves, to prove to others they can be better, to transform your own life, or if you are having a hard day, you go to blow off steam. You can be going for all those reasons; but you should also feel good about going too. Consider it. Consider getting yourself that one thing that will make you feel comfortable and happy when you go. For a little push here is a promo code for booty bands on Amazon, maybe it’s a home workout that will help you start your fitness journey if you are located in a location that still is in a lock down or limited gyms open.